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> Premium Spraying Line

The "PREMIUM" Spraying Line is the only one in the world, it's the most compact and completed line of PTFE application, enamel and organic paint on cookware. "PREMIUM" Line is designed for that Customers which want to wed high quality with little batches of production. The change of production size is very fast. Product saving and low energy engagement are the main characteristics.

"PREMIUM" Spaying Line is composed by:
- Tunnel washing with alkaline cycle, for application on "Over-Smooth";
- Paint carousel for PTFE "Three Coats";
- Belt continuous oven for PTFE/enamel curing;
- Belt devices to load/unload the machines;
- Electric boards and systems.

This Line is suitable for casting and drawing Aluminium, steel cookware.
It allows internal and external contemporaneously, with the use of consistent products.
Natural gas and/or electrical feed is allowed.
Piece dimensions: from 100 to 360.
Production range: from 150 to 300 pcs/h.
For the "PREMIUM" Line the space is not a problem, because this line is so flexible to conform itself to every need of lay-out you may have.