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> Robotized Spray Line

The Robotized Spray Line is completely automatic and the PLC+PC system supports the supervision program of the whole plant, with parameters adjustment through the use of menus that can be easily recalled.
This painting line is suitable for the PTFE application, enamel and paint on casting and drawing Aluminium, steel cookware, and on glass.
It allows internal and external contemporaneously, with the use of consistent products.

The booth are dry filtered and pressurized type, suitable for the application of every kind of PTFE, enamel and organic paint, with single or double paint station, with regards to the productiveness requested.

Six axis anthropomorphic robot.
Primer Oven, with single or double feed, relatively to the line production range.
Continuous Belt Curing Oven, with two independent belts, heat recover and arranged for the exhaust heat treatment device.
Natural gas, diesel oil and/or electrical feed is allowed.
Production range: from 300 up to 650 pcs/h.
Moreover, we produce also standard line with chain conveyor, not robotized, dry or wet filtered type, with production range from 150 up to 1.700 pcs/h.