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> Roller Coating Line

The Roller Coating Line has been designed on purpose to apply PTFE or organic paint on discs or aluminium square.
The pre-treatment could be made by a Sand Paper Grinding machine (dry system) or a Wet Brushing machine (wet system).

CMN produces the Primer Oven, Intermediate Ovens, Continuous Curing Belt Oven or Continuous Rack Oven, with natural gas feed.
Load/Unload line manual or automatic.
Discs stacker and palletization devices placed at the line unloading.
Electromechanical or electronic Control Board with line's supervision.
Production range: from 1.500 up to 10.000 pcs/h (with Rack Oven).
Piece dimensions: from 150 to 600mm.
As option, it could be possible to put in line a Single Head Roller.

> Curtain Coating Line

The production range and the performance are the mentioned above.
The paint application could be made by a Gravity or Pressure Head type, fixed or sliding.
It's also available a "PREMIUM CURTAIN" for low-medium production (8001.500 pcs/h) with a Continuous Rack Curing Oven.